Carpet Cleaning: Tips, Tricks and Process

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)
Person using machine for Carpet Cleaning process
Carpet Cleaning process at home

Despite of performing to your best efforts for keeping the carpet clean, still at times it gets stained, spoiled and dirty. Spills and daily traffic takes its toll on the carpet. You can preserve the carpet in such a way that it lasts for longer periods with less maintaining issues. Carpet cleaning tips will help you with this. Make a list of products and materials that you are going to need during carpet cleaning. A proper research will help you in formulating the planning of carpet cleaning process at your home. Vacuuming it, removing stains, wear and tear and deep cleaning are its basic elements that start up the procedure of carpet cleaning. Having a healthy and clean carpet leads to proper health and hygiene of the family members of home.

Helpful tips on carpet cleaning, benefits you with many aspects like increasing the longevity of carpet, hygienic carpet, and its proper maintenance. If properly maintained, it will add up more value to your home. If you have just mounted a new carpet then the cleaning can wait for few weeks or months. But if you have an old carpet laid out, cleaning it is way more important process. Carpet cleaning will help you in getting rid of carpet organisms like carpet bugs, and beetles, preventing allergens, and keeping it free from bad odors. Keeping your carpet clean will lead you in saving money because you won’t need any high priced cleaning products for this process.

Maintain your carpet in a way, that it lasts for longer period and looks as good as new, even if it’s the old one. It is not a compulsion to replace an old carpet with a new one if it’s dirty or stained, but it’s important to follow the tips and tricks for getting carpet cleaning at your home. And a DIY carpet cleaning process is absolutely acceptable. Approximately 40 percentage of the carpet cleaning work, generally, is done by home owners themselves. Carpet cleaning process is easier than you think; all it needs is perfect vacuuming, right cleaning products and little bit of know how for having a spotless cleaning of the carpet.  Here are some of the tips that can help you with a DIY carpet cleaning at your home.

Carpet cleaning: tips, tricks and process

Pre-Inspection Phase

  • Pre inspection of carpet is necessary to determine if the cleaning is required or not. This will provide with appropriate identification to the condition, permanent stains, removal process and examination of carpet.
  • Always try to fix the most affected part of your carpet, first. The spills and stains will get easily removed if they are treated on frequent basis. Hiring professional carpet cleaner will help you in having clear ideas of the exact condition of your carpet.
  • Professional carpet cleaner will show the main areas of concerns that need your attention. He will point out those areas of carpet whereby permanent stains can be removed by following the necessary steps further.

    Prepare your room for Vacuum

  • Mother and daughter preparing room for Vacuum
    Animated picture showing pre room cleaning for vacuum

    Before starting with the process of carpet cleaning, it is advisable of cleaning and preparing your room for proper vacuum. Keep all the toys and important stuffs aside so that you don’t face any problems while vacuuming.

  • Pick up the papers, and any other such object that can obstruct the way for the vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to check for small items like coins, pins and clips that could possible damage the vacuum machine.
  • It’s better to clean and dust all the window grills, blinds, curtains and furniture, so that all the dust gets vacuumed during the carpet cleaning process. Do not forget to vacuum under the furniture for the stagnant dust that is not easily noticed.
  • Try for different variations available of the nozzle, for vacuuming. Certain areas in the carpet are such that are to be cleaned on first preference like baseboards and carpet edges. With the help of different vacuum nozzles, stubborn dust can also be extracted from the carpet.
  • If the furniture placed cannot be moved, then make the use of cranny nozzle that can easily reach under the areas of couch and furniture installed in your home. Attaching different vacuum dust nozzles will provide better carpet cleaning results.
  • Vacuuming the carpet at the time of carpet cleaning is not a simple thing to comply. Proper directions should be followed for better results. Make your moves by using the vacuum machine horizontally and vertically for extracting the dust properly.
  • First vacuum the entire room properly, then roll the vaccum in forward and backward directions and then roll i on the sides. There is a reason behind it; the fibers which are used in preparing carpets are horizontally and vertically mounted.
  • Vacuuming it this way will assure you of having covered the entire room properly. Carpet cleaning in this manner will cover each and every part of your carpet installed in your home.

    Move your furniture

  • At the time of carpet cleaning, keep your carpet area clean. Move all the furniture which are placed around the carpet like sofas, tables, chairs and beds. Take help of hiring hands, if the need arises.
  • These Helpers (hiring hands) will assist you in the process of moving your furniture from one place to another safely. It is advisable of hiring them for so that you don’t end up harming yourself or your furniture. Use of tabs and blocks must be done for protecting your furniture from getting damaged.
  • If huge furniture like beds and heavy dressing tables can’t be moved then you can make prior arrangements for moving them to a different location within your home.

    Pre-treatment of spots and stains

  • Certain areas at our home are the most trafficked ones, and for those areas pre-treatment session is important. Identify the spots and stains for treating them with required carpet cleaning solutions that are easily available.
  • It will be helpful in lightening those spots and stains and may be you can also get rid of them permanently. Pre-treatment for removing stubborn stains is beneficial for you in the process of carpet cleaning.

    Spraying and Grooming of carpet

  • Conditioning of carpet is another step in the process of carpet cleaning and maintaining. Special sprays for carpet cleaning are available which are eco friendly in nature. Conditioning and Spraying is used for getting effective results for spot removal. Even grooming is one of the part of this process.
  • With the help of pre-grooming, the soil traffic area will be loosened and the gravels get dispatched from your carpet. Now make the use of vacuum and remove those dusts that are present in it.
  • Making the use of carpet groomer where necessary is suggested for better outcome for the process of carpet cleaning.

    Removing of spots from carpet

  • Person Removing of spots with a Spray product
    Process of Removing of spots accurately

    Different styles and patterns are available in carpet. Many spots are such that blends in the colors and styling of it. So it is advisable of using white cloth for identifying the immediate spot on your carpet.

  • Even the use of paper towels can be done but use the plain ones for knowing better results. Be precise in treating the fresh spot first because it can easily be treated and removed from the carpet. Clean it with the help of white cloth for knowing the exact effects.
  • If you are planning of using brushes and bristles, then you are thinking wrong. Using these tools may affect or damage the fibers which are used in the preparation of carpet.
  • Spot cleaning process is another option for remedying the immediate spills on the carpets. It is not added in the list of regular maintenance tips of carpet at your home. It’s beneficial because spot cleaning immediately will lead to get less stained carpet at a later stage of carpet life.
  • Selecting the right carpet cleaning solution is very important as it helps in having a better cleaning performance. Many different carpet cleaning products and varied options of solutions are available for carpet cleaning process.
  • Even homemade solutions work good with the cleaning process. Variety of commercial cleaning detergents are available for making your carpet stain and spots free. They are designed in specific shaped bottles which makes the process of carpet cleaning easier.
  • You can directly use it on the spots for removing it. Every carpet cleaning product has a different way of using it. Following necessary steps that are prescribed in the manual of removing stains from carpet will work in a better manner.
  • Before selecting stain removal solution, read the label carefully because All-Purpose solutions are also available. Determine it properly before buying the solution, that it is right for your spots and stains on carpet.
  • It is important to test the solution before applying it on carpet. Carpet cleaning products are varied in nature, so testing it properly is mandatory. Take such part of carpet in trial which is not much noticed and apply the solution.
  • Wait for the results, if it is proving to be right carpet cleaning product then you may go for it. If not then select some other product which is suitable for your carpet.
  • With the help of a white cloth, apply some amount of cleaning solution on it and dab on the spot that you notice. It will help you in removing the spot immediately and less possibility of mess.
  • A large volume of soap is not appropriate for your carpet. If it remains on carpet, it will attract more dirt and dust towards it which will result into a bigger stain blot. Rubbing and pressing hard must be avoided because it will lead to damage of your carpet fibers.
  • Rinsing it is necessary as it helps you in removing all the stains that are observed on your carpet. Make the use of a plain white cloth and soak up in water. Remember, not to soak your carpet into water because it can damage the base pad of it. Dab the areas that are affected by stains properly with the help of cloth soaked in solution.

    Drying session

  • Allow natural drying for your carpet. If you want your carpet to be quickly dried, then make the use of specialized carpet dryers and fans that are designed for it. We do not want our carpet to be wet forever, right? For this speed drying concept is a better way. With the help of specialized velocity air movers, it is possible to quickly dry your carpet.

    Post grooming session

  • If any odds or ends are missed out, it can be covered in this phase of carpet cleaning process. Before the process of carpet cleaning is over, it is advisable to have a look and formulate a post grooming session. This phase is specifically meant for observing and cleaning any of the part which has been missed during the time of initial cleaning.
  • It ensures double surety of a perfect carpet cleaning process being obeyed.

    Post inspection segment

  • Proper inspection is mandate which will show your process ranking. Walk on the carpet wearing plastic boots and see the result that you get.
  • Walk through the carpet installed at your home or office for understanding the carpet cleaning process in best manner.

    Tips on carpet cleaning

  • Regular vacuuming is necessary for extending the life of your carpet. It is advisable to not skip vacuuming anytime. Vacuuming will clean all the dust and minute particles from the upper surface of carpet.
  • Rules suggest, more trafficked areas attract more dusts and dirt, which needs more vacuuming.
  • Try to clean the stains as early as possible. Letting the stains and spots stay more on the carpet may lead to permanent marks.
  • The best way of dealing with this situation is to remove the stains when they occurs before it dries up and becomes hard for the carpet to fight with. You can also make the use of steam carpet cleaning for better results.
  • Hot water extraction cleaning process is more beneficial. With the help of it, the heated water is sprayed on the stains and spots and it loosens the stubborn stain present in your carpet.
  • Even carpet cleaning solutions are added to it for having immediate effects on your carpet. Water gets vacuumed simultaneously and dissolves the dirt that was observed on it.
  • Steam carpet cleaning method is more prevalent and accepted by the professionals as well as regular home owners since it’s easy to understand and execute at home.
  • For best maintenance tips of your carpet, cleaning it deeply every 3 months is advised. It depends upon the carpet traffic in that area too. If the traffic is less you may go for deep cleaning with less less frequency.
  • If your carpet is extremely dirty and you don’t have any clue where to start from, then it is advisable of hiring a carpet cleaning service provider. With the help of their tools and machines, your carpet cleaning process will be perfectly done.
  • Certain carpets are sensitive and proper care is necessary for them, so while selecting a cleaning solution for your carpet, do check for its sensitivity. Due to strong chemicals, the fiber might get damaged.
  • In order to avoid such unwanted situations, try such cleaning agents on some less attentive part of your carpet for determining the sensitivity of the carpet towards the cleaning agent.
  • Pet urine is another issue that is noticed while carpet cleaning process. Rapidly remove the pet stains that you observe on your carpet. Dab that area of the carpet properly and remember not to brush it, because there are chances of it spreading everywhere.
  • Prepare a solution of vinegar and water. It works best on such strains. Take a bowl, add hot water and vinegar and stir it well. With the help of a plain cloth, soak it in the solution and dab it properly on the stains.
  • Vinegar works well on the odors and stains that are present on your carpet. It gets mixed with ammonia and removes the odors. Even the fibers don’t get affected by the use of vinegar because it is just reactive to stains and not the carpet.
  • Try to neutralize the affected area in your carpet with the help of cleaning solutions. Pour the carpet cleaning solution on it and keep it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Now clean it with some plain cloth for observing the results further.
  • There is nothing to worry about your carpet, accidents do happens but the important thing is results are also available for such situations.

Understanding properly whether your carpet is in need of cleaning or not is your duty. The above prescribed process and tips are having its benefits, which can be used for guidance by home owners while having carpet cleaning process. Learn the basic cleaning and maintenance tips of your carpet. Carpet cleaning process will transform your carpet to a brand new look, which will enhance the personality of your home. Maintaining your carpet, cleaning it, removal of spots and stains, bad odors, and last but not the least proper preservation are all summed up above.


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