Calculating the required Paint while buying

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Paint buying tips for home
Two persons Selecting paint for home walls

While purchasing paint, you should know how much paint will be required for your painting project.


1. Using tape measure, calculate the area you want to paint in square footage. Area is normally calculated by multiplying length into width. Take into consideration any other space you want to paint like molding or spaces that need extra paint such as a double door.

2. By reading the label of the paint you will know the approximate coverage of the paint. Mostly in paint jobs, the middle of this coverage range is used for your calculations.

3. The total square footage of the space you want to paint is divided by the estimated coverage figure. For example, if there are four walls in a room of 150 square feet area each, you have to paint a total of 600 square feet area in the entire room. By dividing 600 by 300 (the approx. area of coverage of one gallon of paint), you can calculate that two gallons of paint will be needed to cover the entire room.

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