Building Steps Outside your home

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
process of constructing steps outside your home
Installing steps outside your home

You can build a set of steps on the outside of your home in order to create a more usable entrance.


1. The stringers are kept thirty-six inches apart.

2. The distance is measured from a point which is three inches down from the top of the left stringer to a point situated three inches up from the bottom of the right stringer. Two 2x4s are cut to fit the measurement.

3. The 2x4s are placed in a cross pattern directly against the stringers.

4. A 4×4 post is cut to serve as a vertical support and attached to the stringer.

5. A 1×6 stringer is placed across the steps and ends are marked.

6. All 1×6 inch boards are cut to the marks and placed in line.

7. The cut 1x6s on the bottom are screwed directly to the stringer

8. The 2x4s are attached vertically behind the upright.

9. Railing can be added by spacing treated 2x4s evenly at each step and screwed in place.

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