Brighten up your office decor with an office garden

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
Office decor with plants
Plants for Office decor

Office is where you spend the major part of your life. It’s suggested that you have a stylish modern office so that your temperament stays at its best and even your clients are impressed. The best way is to ‘go green’ all the way; this ensures a fresh environment as well as fabulous décor.

You should opt for plants which survive in shade, can last few days without water and also grow easily without much effort taken. You can also give hanging plants a second thought, which will be pretty eye-catchy. The very best plants you can have in your office are the

• Spider plant
• Cacti
• Philodendrons and
• Lucky bamboo

Go for indoor trees and buy few plants which might be suitable for your office. You can also shop from places where they specialize in office gardening, they will not only provide you with the right plants but also take charge of regular maintenance. This done; your office becomes a second home.

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