Bedroom remodeling ideas

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
bedroom decor ideas for home
Design showing home decor ideas to go for

If you are planning to give your bedroom a makeover, then you can implement some new contemporary styles and ideas for your bedroom which can bring out the best features of the room and give it a very sentimental and contemporary feel. The walls are the basic framework or canvas of the room. Go for broken and ink spread walls. These are very popular these days. Instead of going for the same plain colored walls and patterned wallpapers you can even go for 3D wall art.

The bed can be made the main centre of attention of the room. Low beds with boxed drawers are classy looking and they also help in saving up a lot of space. You can go for a color themed look and go brown, beige and war on your bedroom. If you want a more serene feel, you can choose colors like white, blue and lilac. Let the drapes complement the walls and the window frames. Hand black and white photos on wooden frames on the walls and have a nice rug near the bed to complete the look.

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