Bathroom Remodeling Strategies and Tips

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
Hands indicating bathroom remodeling process
Bathroom remodeling tips and tricks

Whether it is a small bathroom or a large one, it requires costly materials for a complete overhaul. Breaking your budget and having bathroom remodeling process is not done. A bathroom remodeled like an expert offers you with way more years of comfort and pleasure. Don’t forget, but dealing with bathroom remodeling process is a tricky job. Many matters are covered while having the process of bathroom remodeling. It is important to examine your bathroom first for knowing the exact condition. The elements such as good sized bathtubs, adequate storage space, installing rain shower, floors, ceiling and many more of the factors are to be considering while perusing the bathroom remodeling process.

You dream of a bathroom that’s high on the list of your comfort, personal styling and prerequisites but you also want appropriate fixtures, materials and fittings that glaze your bathroom. You can have both altogether in your bathroom. A bathroom remodeling process is a solid investment for which you need to decide a budget. Budgeting the plan will help you in spending the appropriate money on bathroom remodeling project.  A small budget on remodeling your bathroom is worth, identifying better materials with amenities is the duty of the home owners. Despite of having many trends, home owners think that bathroom remolding process will charge more to their pockets. You don’t need to have the income like Bill Gate’s for experiencing a comfortable bathroom for you and your family.

Make a list of a must have desires while planning for bathroom remodeling. It is advisable of having less stuff in your bathroom. Less is more pristine. Utilizing the storage available in a clever way is the ultimate aim for having a wonderful yet beautiful bathroom for your home. Unclutter the layout by optimum utilizing the space available and make it inviting and spacious enough. Make the most utilization of each and every centimeter observed in your bathroom. For increasing the glance, add the recessed lights or supporting mirrors for increasing the glow. Decide proper time for having a bathroom remodeling process. Don’t stop your work in the middle because the project may take more days to complete. It is advisable of installing a portable shower and toilet for you and your family members. It might take more to finish. But before you start, having a discussion on strategic planning is important. Bathroom remodeling strategies are states below:

Bathroom remodeling strategies

  • Couple starting Bathroom remodeling process
    Bathroom remodeling done by home owners

    Keeping an eye on both the factors: budget and planning is necessary. Because it might lead your expenditure to a height. Make your bathroom look wow without making your budget a nightmare.

  • Stick to the plan of bathroom remodeling you decided. A bathroom is no place for any improvisation. Think twice before you rip out the first tile because how will you use the space, fit another tile or any different materials are major issues to look.
  • What fixtures and materials you need, how much time is required and how you want your bathroom to appear are some important questions to ask you before starting a bathroom remodeling process.
  • Preparing a road map for guiding your way is a better option for releasing your bathroom remodeling stress. If planning is tough task, hiring a professional for guiding your way is beneficial.
  • Save your bathroom remodeling dollars by keeping the same footprints. Bathroom remodeling strategies adds optimum utilization of space present. Save colors and demolition by installing the new plumbing fittings nears by the exiting plumbing system.
  • Cutting off the accumulate debris and dust for the bathroom remodeling process is advantageous. Make the most of the space you have. Remove the glass doors observed on the bathtubs or shower to open and expand the space.
  • Installing small fixtures and fittings in the bathroom is a good strategy. A pedestal sink consumes less space than a bathroom vanity. Placing mirrors will help you in expanding the view and storage of the bathroom.
  • Prioritizing lighting to the list of bathroom remodeling process. Beautiful bathroom shower heads, bathtubs, fascinating walls and textures makes your bathroom look fabulous by adding the glamour. But many other things make the bathroom look more satisfying. Lighting in another way to glam up your DIY bathroom remodeling process.
  • Installing lightings with different amenities is worth. While proceeding with bathroom remodeling process, think of installing perfect lighting around the vanity mirrors and eliminates that looks better already.
  • Four bulb lighting fixtures work best for lights installed on the sides of the bathroom. Shopping for bulbs is an important step because it can either glow the charm of your bathroom remodeling process or might decrease the same too.
  • It includes many facts: lumens, bright- amount of brightness for the bathroom, and number of volts. It is suggested:

Bathroom vanity: 1685 lumens

Toilet: 50 lumens

Bathroom sink: 400 lumens

  • Planning strategies for bathroom remodeling
    Women explaining Strategies to the contractor

    Make strategic plans for proper installation of ventilation while starting the bathroom remodeling process. Ventilation system maybe out of the sight but should not be out of the mind while performing bathroom remodeling task.

  • For removing the fogs on mirrors, increasing growth of mildew and mold on the walls, avoiding damp smell and avoiding bathroom floors to be slippery, proper bathroom ventilation is necessary.
  • For protecting the value of the home and maintaining the indoor air quality of the bathroom it is important to have a control over the humidity and mold or mildew. Remediation of mold is an expensive process, and excessive presence of humidity might lead to damage the furniture, cabinets and fittings installed.
  • Mold and mildew might also damages the show of the painted walls. Even chances of peeling the plaster are also possible. While planning, adopting a strategy for remodeling and controlling is essential for a better and healthy ventilation option for the bathroom.
  • Installing an exhaust fan will lead you in discharging the air outside the bathroom. Better models of exhaust fans and humidity control switches are available in the market. Installing it is beneficial because it works on sensor. It detects the excess moisture in the air and exhausts it away from the bathroom for having fresh air and ventilation.
  • Think upon the storage space. Bathroom remodeling process is a challenge because many factors are important for having in practice. By the time of mounting the toilet, bathtubs, sinks and fittings, there often a little space observed to store towels, body products and toilet paper.
  • But finding the hidden storage for making your way easy is something tricky to have, isn’t it? Be versatile while planning for having spacious move for your bathroom. Some ways to find the hidden storage places are:

Make the use of the upper most space which is often unused. Proper utilization of the upper surface of the wall will help you in keeping more things in the bathroom. Multi tired shelves, freestanding furniture and designer shelves are the examples of having this concept. Install attractive inches for holding toiletries and soaps. Use the blank space of the walls by mounting shelves over the towel rods or bars.

Stay handy with the option of installing movable fittings and fixtures. Inexpensive woven baskets can be placed on the floor for storing small stuffs like towel and many other bathroom itineraries.

Sliding out trays can work best while planning for a bathroom remodeling process. It is easy in functioning and installed in the vanities that offers at most access to the stored items and materials in the bathroom.

  • Always try to exercise the concept of low cost design for higher visual impact. A soft scheme of color or design adds a value to the bathroom. It zest the visual effects of seeing it. It employees the usage of neutral colors and soft and simple furniture that glaze the look of your bathroom.

Tips on bathroom remodeling

Gather the materials

It is important to note. Have everything on your hands first before starting for the bathroom remodeling process. Have everything ready that helps you in starting with the process easily. Big furniture or items might take several weeks to arrive. It is advisable that before you start to Sawzall or a hammer your bathroom, gather entire things and items you are going to need in the process of bathroom remodeling.

Everything includes lightings, bathtub, new sinks, bathroom vanity, plumbing fitting and fixtures, and flooring options. You might get frustrated for waiting around for the items to arrive. So it is better to have all the things on hands as early as possible.

Till than tearing up the fixtures and fittings and make it an usable bathroom until the materials arrive. Benefits of having the new items on hands are many. Clear idea of how much extra work you need to perform, how much time you are required and how you want to install them becomes easy in understanding. Dismantle the parts and items from the bathroom that might interrupt your process. Cover the parts that are not going to be replaced or changed like switch boards and flooring. Cover it with the help of a plastic for avoiding the damaging effects in future.

Consider all your options

Different varieties and options are available to increase the scope of bathroom remodeling process. Home centers can help you in bringing the materials. Many times they have limited options of choices for bathroom vanities, countertops and cabinets.

Many special orders of items are made for having a picture perfect bathroom you dreamt. These special orders might long for minimum six to seven weeks that is really a huge waiting period. Customizing is not a bad idea actually. You impress your bathroom remodeling process by installing your ways and styling it in the best way you can. Considering it as a bathroom remodeling tip is also worth.

Looking for an independent supplier specialized in using natural stones for making vanities or countertops have a varied range of colors and patterns. Installing it will help you in accepting an eco-friendly bathroom remodeling idea for your home.

Unusual shapes and sizes of tops by shaping it in different sizes add a different glam to your bathroom. Shopping online is among the best way to have an affordable top that can surprise your bathroom remodeling idea.

I know buying the items by just seeing the bathroom remodeling pictures is a bit awkward process, right? But the decision is on the home owners, if you think that the price is affordable, suitable to your budget and is appropriate to your choice, just bang on and purchase it. Don’t wait for other options, grab the opportunity and install it while you are molding your bathroom remodeling process.

Floor consideration

Person installing floor option in the bathroom
Tile Flooring installation

Replacing or removing the old flooring can be time consuming. It is difficult and a bit tricky for removing the stubborn pieces of tiles or sheet installed. Even the left over pieces are way more stubborn that refuses to come off the flooring. Want something easier and faster? Ripping the underlayment is among the way to exercise while the bathroom remodeling process.

Rip it along with the floor covering observed. You should cut the underlayment into different pieces for making the removal process easy. Use a round saw and place it just deep enough to cut through the thin plywood underlayment without harming or cutting off the bottom subfloor.

Start by cleaning the bottom surface before installing new underlayment on the floor. Using a half inch plywood and cement board is worth. For getting rid of the underlayment, a scratch is enough for having it peeled totally. Proper caulking is important for considering the parts surrounding the toilet. Water damage is mostly observed surrounding the toilet.

Shower storage planning

Hidden Storage space in the bathroom
Customising space in the shower area

You’re no more an amateur, stop settling and hanging cheap plastic units for storing the shower heads or any essentials. You’ll need you shower heads, soap, shampoo, and body wash to be stored at a specific place in the bathroom. A better option to exercise is installing ceramic tile shelving that helps you in storing your important bathroom stuff. It can be installed in the corner of the shower wall.

Shelves are readily available from any home center near by your home. It is inexpensive and starts from 11$. Not okay with this bathroom remodeling tip? Build in wall shelves is a better option to install in your bathroom. Once you remove the old shower, add framing to the removed sections and install the shelves as decided.

Tiled shelves look more attractive and don’t protrude into the shower space. No worries of knocking off the shampoo lead with your elbow, while singing karaoke into your shower space. enjoy your bathing time with all your needs and comfort.

Installing a curved shower rod

Curved shower rod installation
Curved shower rod – Benefits

Different types of shower rods are available. Selecting the one suitable to the interiors is important for a picture perfect bathroom. Seemingly one of an option is curved shower rod. Installing a curved shower rod adds a surprising effect to the shower space.

Common rods are cheap enough to purchase but if planning for a stylish decor for your bathroom remodeling, curved shower rod is worth installing. It is little more expensive in cost than the straight rods.

It helps in expanding the look of the bathroom. Add glamour to the space present. A curved rod looks better and is easy in installing. It is not mounted with the tensions, instead screws are used for having it. Situation of pulled down rods is not possible because it is attached with the help of screws.

It is also known by arched shower rod. Curved shower rod is gaining more popularity in homes now a days. Installing it will lead you in offering approximately 7 to 8 inches more space in your shower. It adds elegance and offers a modern look to the bathroom. The water doesn’t splashes out of the curtain as it is designed in such a manner. It helps in keeping the floor dry.

Customize the lightings

among the important parts of bathroom remodeling process, customizing the lights is important. I am sure; you don’t want to end up the bathroom remodeling task with an outdated lighting and its fixtures, right?

It is advisable of planning for the lightings early for knowing any requirements of cables or wires. The concept of illumination is increasing steadily. Recessed lights work well for presenting the combination of romantic and illusionary impact in your bathroom. Mount the lights on the upper surface of the shower for impacting an illusionary experience while bathing. Ratings of the lights are important to be observed while installing it.

Recessed lights are an excellent way to increase the interior face lift of the bathroom. Installing these lights improves the ambience and offers a great lighting option. The lights are energy efficient and helps in saving on the energy consumption. It is approximately 20 percentage more efficient as compared to other lighting types.

Don’t be afraid of calling a professional

While having the process of bathroom remodeling, if any part of the process takes you out of your comfort zone, it is advisable for calling a professional. Need of electrician for cable and wiring work, plumber for fixing the issues of water and floor contractor for flooring are the examples.

When things are not in your control, definitely calling for a professional is worth and beneficial to the home owners. When dealing with plumbing or electrical sections, being catastrophic is natural.

With the best of their knowledge and experience, better performance and solving your issues is easily achieved. No doubt, it is going to charge you with cost of hiring a professional but will help you in installing a perfect and dreamy bathroom remodeling process you thought for.

So, remodeling your bathroom without breaking your bank account is stated above. Following the bathroom remodeling tips and working on will help you in experiencing your bathroom in the exact way you dreamt it. Plan carefully, be creative enough and set your budget for ending up with a beautiful bathroom that hasn’t broken your pocket still.

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