Bathroom Remodeling: Checklist and Process

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2016)
Bathroom Remodeling constructed model
Green themed Bathroom Remodeling idea

A bathroom remodeling is an exciting project for the home owners. Designing a spa, a place where you can shut the world out and stay in peace is the bathroom. Bathroom is a room with a bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink that you can visit anytime without leaving your home. Well, bathroom might be the only place where you can lock yourself for an hour to discharge the noises and stress level of your life.  It sounds weird, but bathroom seems to be a space where such quality time can be spent. Try it out. Despite of its functionalities, it is not been taken care of. It is the second most prerequisites that is a need for home owners then why to be lethargic in having a bathroom remodeling project?

Bathroom remodeling is an easy process that needs a little concentration and the rest is done. It is as simple as changing the faucets with the new ones, replacing bathtubs and rearranging toilets. Confused from where to start the process of bathroom remodeling? This article will lead you in knowing the basics of bathroom remodeling process. Ask yourself, how you want your bathroom remodeling process, essential things, cost of bathroom remodeling, and decide the time period for completing it. Remodeling a bathroom can be an overwhelming, costly and time consuming project but design the remodel process in such a way that your project turns out exactly the way you dreamed it. Want something enhancing and attractive for your bathroom?

DIY bathroom remodeling is the right choice for enhancing the bathroom with customized ideas. Have a working knowledge of what you need, what you are expecting, and how you are going to represent it in your bathroom. Bathroom remodeling cost, decision of selecting bathroom vanity, fixtures, and painting are some of the duties to be followed by a DIY bathroom remodeling person. Hire a remodeling contractor if you are not sure of having DIY bathroom remodeling on your own. The experience and skills of the contractor will lead you in having your dream bathroom in your home. Still if you’re planning of DIY bathroom remodeling process then just go for it. But before starting the process, it is advisable to prepare a checklist of the things to consider while having a bathroom remodeling project.

Checklist before starting a bathroom remodeling process.

  • Many people assume that remodeling a small or a huge bathroom makes a difference. Thinking that small bathroom remodeling consumes less time than larger one, you are getting it wrong. It depends on how many chances you are making in your bathroom.
  • Remodeling a bathroom is not a day or few days of work. Planning is important that refers to not only defining the time period for remodeling but also certain midway steps like purchasing, ordering materials, vanity, cabinets and fixtures.
  • Prepare a budget of how much you want to spend on bathroom remodeling project. Setting up a budget will lead you to figure out about what to include and what not. Also advisable of keeping a safer side money for uncertain changes while remodeling your bathroom.
  • Follow the hierarchy of working. Whether you are just painting or adding some features to your bathroom, start the process from the top. Remodel the top surface- ceiling first, the walls second, and at last the floors.
  • Identify the hidden problems in your bathroom. The main factor damaging your fixtures is water damage. A problem of water damage depends upon the foundation of the home, the age of your home and how well it was built. Be attentive in identifying the structural deficiencies in the plumbing system, floor framing, faucets, and showers.
  • Before deciding the suitable design for your bathroom remodeling project, it is advisable of researching well. Start thinking of how you want your bathroom to look like. There are many factors that might affect your decision such as shades of colors, vanities, shower, faucets, flooring options, and bathtubs.
  • Accumulate all the bathroom remodeling ideas and select the one best suitable and stylish. Select the design assuming how you want your final bathroom look to be. Also take a pause in thinking that how the bathroom design will adjust with rest of the rooms in your home.
  • Take proper measurements of your bathroom. Factors that might affect your bathroom design are: total size of the bathroom, standard measurements of bathroom fixtures and situation of electrical wiring and plumbing pipes.
  • Correct measurements will help you in picking the right materials and products for your project. It is more frustrating to buy the stuffs without taking proper measurements that result into improper selection of materials.
  • No bathroom remodeling project is completed without replacing or repairing plumbing features and fixtures. Rather it is suggested to make a separate checklist of things to be repaired in your bathroom such as shower, toilet, faucets, sink, and shower heads.
  • Changing the drawer pulls, door handles, and towel shelves can help you in offering a small makeover to your bathroom.
  • Planning cabinets and storing solutions is a tricky problem and in a small space like bathroom it is even more complex. Construct the cabinets at a functional place that can be easily reached and operated.
  • For flooring and walls, opt for such material that offers best waterproofing. Depending upon the budget, select a stylish material like ceramic, granite or marble tiles that offers beautiful and highly durable flooring. For a process of bathroom remodeling on a budget, tile flooring option is predominant.
  • Vinyl sheets and tile flooring options work best for home owners with fewer budgets as they are less expensive and enhance the look. The key features for selecting a best material for bathroom floors: slip-resistant and long durability.
  • Plan out a designed lighting way in your bathroom remodeling process. A bathroom can be rendered unworkable without proper lighting effects. Home owners can have a bathroom remodeling on a budget by optimum utilizing the natural light at first. At least four watts of radiant lighting per square foot is advisable for having artificial lights.
  • Bathroom window ventilation method
    Ventilation – Bathroom remodeling project

    Proper ventilation is mandatory criteria to be followed by the home owners. It is a tricky task that needs accurate planning: selecting right exhaust fan and position of installing the unit supplied with electrical wiring.

  • Improper ventilation can lead your bathroom with damp smell, presence of algae and mold and is even harmful for health.
  • Tryout going green. The concept of eco-friendly product and material is trending. Bathroom vanities made out of eco-friendly materials such as harvested wood, recyclable glass, and using tile are more favorable.
  • Last but not the least, final cleaning should be complied thoroughly. Clean the entire cabinets, windows, fixtures, walls and floors well. Take a day or two days more for experiencing the best outcome of a bathroom remodeling process at your home.

Bathroom remodeling process

  1. Decide the design for your bathroom

Start planning of what mood, color and theme you want in your bathroom. Take an idea from bathroom remodeling pictures from websites of home designs and remodeling. You can select a color theme for example blue or all green colors, combination of blue and green and many more options are also available for the home owners.

There are many bathroom remodeling ideas that can help you in deciding your way such as: vintage look, modern piece of art, plain colors, and simple gaze. Opt for a special theme look for your bathroom like ocean or country and note down the accessories suitable with the theme while selecting bathroom remodeling model.

  1. Budget planning 

Think twice before deciding the model you want for your bathroom. More stylish designs will lead you in spending more money. Changing a light bulb or replacing a faucet won’t charge you more but things like adding a shower, bathtub and redoing a wall requires higher budget.

Just because some stuffs are out of budget doesn’t mean that you need to re-frame or opt for another bathroom remodeling design. Rather have cost effective items that looks alike or have it on sale. Many promotional events and sale offers you for purchase the suitable product.

  1. Need of hiring a contractor

There are different types of bathroom remodeling models and design. Each requires appropriate amount of focus, work, money and time. Even some remodeling projects needs the aid of a professional contractor for better results.

Simple remodeling process includes elements like painting the walls, replacing the towel decks, and changing of faucets. This kind of work won’t take for long and can be exercised easily by the home owners.

Remodeling projects with more complexity such as installing bathtubs, removing walls, reinstalling toilets to another spot and adding shower needs a professional lookout. Bathroom remodeling contractor can lead your way with his knowledge and expertise in this field.

  1. Take advice of professional designer contractor

Confused about from where to start designing a bathroom remodel? Take the advice of an interiors designer or an architect that can help you in many aspects. Professional designers have the knowledge of working with different materials and colors for increasing an enhanced visual effect.

The architect knows how to place the important stuffs in your bathroom to make it more efficient.

  1. Take the advantage of the space

Bathrooms are meant to be used by two persons. Proper planning of design will lead you in having comfortable and spacious bathroom remodeling project. If planned falsely, it can become small and lead to unnecessary situation of elbow-jostling.

Have two sinks in your bathroom, if the space allows. Make sure the distance between two sinks should at least be 35 inches. It will allow the people with enough space without bumping their elbows to each other.

Huge spaced bathroom remodeling ideas sounds beneficial for the home owners. You can install both the bathtub as well the shower stall. Adding a separate toilet room with door leads you in easily maintained and hygienic bathroom.

  1. Install a backup bathroom

It is important to note that if you are remodeling your bathroom involving plumbing repair, you are going to require a spare bathroom. You wouldn’t want yourself to stuck without a toilet of shower for some days. If you don’t have another bathroom, it is advisable of installing an outdoor shower and portable toilet unless the bathroom remodeling project doesn’t completes.

  1. Selection of flooring

Bathroom Flooring constructrion
Model showing bathroom flooring

Varied options are available while selecting bathroom material for your process. In simple words, what you pay is what you get in return. The basic features supporting your decision of flooring should be: longer lasting, highly durable, good quality and best suitable for your type of bathroom remodeling process.




Tips on bathroom remodeling on a budget:

  • Try installing something non-slippery. Texture and matt finished flooring materials are best suitable for bathroom.
  • Glazed tiles and porcelain are easy in maintaining and cleaning process.
  • Don’t opt for porous stone i.e. limestone because it absorbs stains and dirt easily that is difficult to clean. Natural stone is an another option of flooring but make sure it is well sealed.
  • Use of stained cement or painted cement is preferable.
  • Vinyl sheets and tiles also offer a great look. It is an inexpensive and great base for your bathroom remodeling idea.
  1. Paint- Mildew resistant and moisture free

Mildew resistant application of paint in bathroom
Applying mold resistant paint

Wallpaper is not a good idea because bathroom is place where the possibility of damp and mold are observed more. Having mildew-resistant paint is best option to exercise. Select a paint that is easily cleaned and stain free.

Textured paint work prominent if you are repainting the old walls. Install the textured paint to conceal the imperfection and bumps observed on the walls. Whichever paint you select, make sure it is both mildew and moisture proof for your bathroom.

If you are confused about the paint, go for gray or white. They are the common colors for bathroom. Want to make your bathroom look spacious? Try out using light colors. Sea foam blue, sea green, or lavender are some of the examples of colors used in bathroom remodeling project.

Trim or accent colors are also consider for matching up with your bathroom decor. Using dark colors for having the feel of a smaller and a cozy bathroom is worth installing.

  1. Select shower, bathroom fixtures, bathtub and sinks

Different types of shower, tubs and sinks are available in the market. For example, free standing sinks and tubs, can be easily moved and manageable. While another option is molded sinks and tubs that are directly fixed into the walls and the flooring. They are not movable and are permanent.

Important things to keep in mind:

  • Vessels and bowls are common options of sink that are observed in many homes. It is mounted from the top surface of the counter. Downside section of the sink should be maintained and clean for better functioning.
  • Pedestal sinks looks stylish and enhances the bathroom. But it won’t fit on a counter. You cannot place a cabinet beneath it. Planning of installing pedestal sinks? Install the cabinets and counters in another section of the bathroom because it will consume more space.
  • Among different types of sinks, molded sinks are more convenient for regular use. They are among the common type of sinks. It is easy to install.
  1. Switch off the water valves and cover the parts isn’t getting remodeled.

Switch off the water valves while conducting bathroom remodeling process. You can find it under the sinks and behind the toilet. Bathtub, shower, toilets and sinks are going to be renovated. It is advisable of shutting it off for not ending up with a flood.

Now cover everything that is not going to change such as counters, sinks and flooring. While painting the walls make sure to protect the sections of bathroom, not having the remodeling effects.

Cover the switch boards with the help of plastic. Use cardboard, plastic sheeting or paper for protecting the parts properly. Don’t forget to tape the edges firmly for avoiding paint or dust on the covered parts of your bathroom.

  1. Start painting

Start painting the walls of your bathroom with the help of a paint roller. Apply the first layer of paint and let it dry. Second and third coat application and make sure that it dries completely.

Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for knowing about the drying sessions of the paint.  Mostly the paint gets dry between two to three hours of application. Not following the steps correctly, might be possible that the paints gets bumpy and sticky.

  1. Add tile flooring

Once the paint thoroughly dries. Start mounting the tiles in the floors. If the floors are not remodeled then remove the protection at this stage. Don’t forget to apply a backsplash behind the sink for protecting the walls while having bathroom remodeling project.

  1. Install shower, toilet, and sinks

Planning of moving a toilet, sink or bathtub from one side to another, you will probably need the assistance of a plumber. After installing the sinks, bathtubs and shower, caulking is important to follow further. Caulk well around the edges for avoiding moisture seeping through it.

  1. Mount new shelves, cabinets and towel rods

You can install shelves, cabinets and towel rods anywhere in your bathroom. Place it well that can be reached easily. The towel rod should be positioned 4 feet from the floor. Toilet paper roll holder should be 6 inches besides the toilet and last, the cabinets should be above 6 feet from the bottom surface of the bathroom.

  1. Installing new faucets and light

Make sure that faucets are firmly caulked and the edges are covered properly. An acrylic or hybrid caulking formula is best suitable for carrying the work. Check the lighting system in your bathroom for knowing the final effects after the bathroom remodeling process.

  1. Clean paint, debris and dust

When you are done with a bathroom remodeling process, take off the protection offered to the flooring and walls. Clean the counters and sink with the help of a cloth for removing the paint and dust observed. This will lead you in offering a last finished look to your bathroom.

There are so many things that goes in a bathroom remodeling process that are stated above. Preparing accurate budget, selecting correct design, measurements of bathroom, requirement of products and materials, installing materials on right place, mounting of shelves and cabinets, replacing faucets and lights and last but not the least final finish is the ultimate step to finish the project.


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