Bathroom Cleaning:Tips and Tricks

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)
Bathroom cleaning tips
Tips for bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning…..ugh, No house cleaning project is as dreaded as bathroom cleaning. From mildew to soap scum, from dirt to hairs, cleaning this whole germ free zone is not an easy task at all. This is because it is one of the busiest spot in your home and a place where almost every guest visit. So, if you start sweating whenever someone ask do you mind if I freshen up, they will secretly check your cleaning skills. Relax, bathroom cleaning not as difficult as it sounds. You just need to put some time out, collect bathroom cleaning tools, bathroom cleaning supplies, bathroom cleaning brush and bathroom cleaning products and start with the job. You can also hire bathroom cleaning service if you don’t want to indulge into cleaning it yourself. But, if you want to save yourself some bucks, you must go for bathroom cleaning yourself. Bathroom involves many parts to clean, starting from sink to tub, faucet to toilet bowl, shower to floor; each part needs a deep cleaning to get a sparkling clean bathroom. You can also go for quick bathroom cleaning but you don’t undertake such project very often and hence it is advisable to go for deep bathroom cleaning. Here are some of the bathroom cleaning tips and tricks which can help you and make your bathroom cleaning process a bit easy.

Bathroom cleaning tips

  • Remove all the items

The first and foremost step of bathroom cleaning process is to remove all the items which do not belong to the bathroom. There are many things which should not be placed in the bathroom but still it grabs its place in the bathroom and makes your bathroom look like mess. Things such as clothes, trash, cans, empty shampoo bottles, empty boxes of soap and many such things should be taken out of the bathroom. Along with that, also move the side tables and other storage things like cabinets so that you can also clean under them.

  • Pour bleach into the toilet bowl

Use bleach or any other bathroom cleaning product and pour it into the toilet bowl. Put the bathroom cleaning brush inside the toilet bowl to help it sanitize properly. While doing so, make sure that the door is open and also put on the exhaust fan for proper ventilation. If you want to opt for green alternative then you can mix up a table spoon of baking powder along with mixing white vinegar and water in the proportion of 75:25.

  • Dust

Not only in case of bathroom cleaning but in general when cleaning any of the room, always go from top to bottom. First of all, clean cobwebs from the corners of the bathroom. After that, brush other dirt and dust from the walls and any other part on to the floor. If you have a duster then it is best thing but you can use the broom if duster is not available. If the wallpaper of your bathroom is very delicate then wrap its bristles in paper towel or toilet paper and also wet it slightly.

  • Scrub powder to dirty areas

If you have any dirt build up and lime in the sink, tub or around the faucet then damp those areas slightly and sprinkle some of the scrubbing powder like comet on it. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to let it sit and do its work. This will help to loose the dirty patches and it will make your scrubbing process very much easy and smooth. Before initiating the bathroom cleaning process, make sure to read the label properly and see whether you are using appropriate bathroom cleaning product and also see that it won’t damage your surface. Test it on one spot first and then apply it in the whole bathroom.

  • Clean walls, windows and ceiling

Girl Cleaning bathroom walls
Tips of cleaning bathroom walls

If your ceiling has mold on it then start with spraying away disinfectant solution or water bleach on it and then let it set for some minutes. Do the same thing with the walls also. You can also use any other bathroom cleaning products whichever is suitable. Now scrub the tile surfaces which you have sprayed with a clean rage or a sponge. Then carefully rinse it for avoiding any stripes and then dry it with a clean rag. If you are using any harsh product for bathroom cleaning then it is advisable to wear rubber gloves while scrubbing to avoid drying out your hands.

  • Clean the shower

Spray the bathroom cleaning solution on the shower walls and also on the shower head and let it sit for couple of minutes. Spray cleansers which are specifically made for getting rid of soap scum and it works very well on the tubs which have not been clean in a while. For hard water areas which are very much prone to rust colored stains and green, you need a cleaner made for eliminating lime, rust and calcium. Never ever use green abrasive scrub pads or abrasive cleaners or steel wool on porcelain fixtures as it will very rapidly dull the finish of your bathroom. Soak the showerhead. If the showerhead becomes clogged up with soap scum or hard water builds up you can either remove it or soak it overnight in a mixture of water and vinegar and then clean it up with a toothbrush. Go back to the shower and scrub the walls, shower head and faucet. Take some hot water and rinse them well with it and after that dry it with a towel. You can shine your faucet by using towel or paper towel. Don’t miss out the shower curtain, as it is also prone to mildew. A mixture of 2/3 water and 1/3 bleach should be filled in a spray bottle. This spray bottle can be very handy for removing mildew spots. You can also take it down and clean it with hot water and little amount of soap and bleach.

  • Clean the sink and counter area

Sink is very important part of bathroom cleaning process. You need to extra careful when it comes to sink in bathroom cleaning process. Scrub all the soap scum and leaked toothpaste with small amount of cleaner and also rinse the sponge as you go along. Don’t miss out cleaning the tissue holder, trashcan and such other items during bathroom cleaning which remains permanently in your bathroom. Cotton swabs or an old toothbrush cab be really handy for getting out the junk from between the handles and tap. While going through the process of bathroom cleaning make sure to not to clean the counter area and your sink with the same paper towel or same rag which you have used in cleaning toilet. This is unhygienic as it can spread the germs to the sink and counter area and giving invitation to various diseases. Keep a specific rag for the purpose of cleaning toilet while bathroom cleaning. Wipe the tops and fronts of drawers and cabinets. You can use soapy, hot water for such cleaning. If you are thinking of removing germs on this surfaces then add some amount of bleach to the soapy water.

  • Clean the mirror

Use a particular cleaner and rinse it and also wipe the excessive amount of water with a squeegee or towel. For adding shine to your mirror while bathroom cleaning, you can add some amount of vinegar to the water. Wipe the mirror with a towel and dry it properly.

  • Clean exterior of the toilet

Cleaning toilet
Wiping toilet

Wipe the outside part but start with the flush handle. This will not re-contaminate as the cloth will be soaked in the disinfectant cleaner. Wash thoroughly and also rinse all the exterior surface of the toilet bowl including the flared base, underside and top of the seat and also the lid along with the hinges and their mounting area detergent with cloth or any cleaner. Make sure to use the cloth assigned specifically for cleaning the toilet. You can also use a paper towel but throw it away instead of flushing it.

  • Scrub the bowl with flush and toilet brush

You don’t have to scrub too hard, just let the soap water sit and have patience till it dissolves. The inside of the bowl must be coated with viscous acid cleaner which is generally sold in angle necked bottle. Make sure to cover the whole inside edge of the rim. If not taken care, it can run down towards other areas. Let the cleaner soak for half an hour or even more before you scrub the entire bowl including even under the rim areas with a toilet bowl brush. Let it soak for longer after it is well distributed through thinned by the initial scrubbing. After that scrub it a bit more and then flush it away.

  • Sweep and mop the floor

The next step of bathroom cleaning is sweeping and mopping. Start with the farthest part from the door, sweep all the dust and debris on the floor from each and every corner of your bathroom. After that sweep the floor, where dirt and dust will be accumulated on the floor in the whole process of bathroom cleaning. Take hot water and mix soap and bleach water and mop the bathroom floor with this solution. After this solution, rinse the floor with clean water for removing the slippery soap residue. Make sure to get along the sides of toilet bowl where it’s anchored to the floor. This area is specifically very dirty and by far one of the most negligent part in bathroom cleaning process. Don’t miss out to clean the base molds and base boards as these places possibly collect a lot of dust.

  • Find old toothbrush and wash it properly

Clean the entire excess toothpaste gunk which is found on any of the surface. Apply little amount of bleach or any other bathroom cleaning material to the toothbrush. Then scrub the toothbrush to the areas where you cannot reach as toothbrush is very narrow and it can reach those areas where your hand cannot go and give detail cleaning.

  • Run the fan

After you are done with bathroom cleaning, it’s important that you also keep your bathroom clean. One of the factors affecting bathroom cleaning is ventilation. Keep your bathroom properly ventilated as it will decrease the growth of mildew. This will make your bathroom cleaning session far and even few. Make sure to run the fan after you come out of the shower so that the bathroom remains dry and keep moisture away from clogging.

  • Wipe the shower after you use it

Assure that mold and mildew doesn’t build up in the shower when you have big bathroom cleaning sessions. To avoid this, take some time and wipe it down every single time you take shower. Cleaning regularly combined with fan running will keep the mildew away from your bathroom.

  • Keep it tidy

This step of bathroom cleaning is very much related to what we call mess or clutter. If clothes get accumulated in the bathroom, put a cardboard box or even a hamper in the bathroom to collect all the dirty clothes. Make use of a toothbrush holder or even a cup to keep your brush in order. Keep all other supplies in a shoe box under the sink for keeping the surface tidy.

  • Use toilet brush

Bathroom cleaning brush
Brush used for bathroom cleaning

One of the major parts of bathroom cleaning process is to keep the toilet clean and tidy. Even if the toilet is not looking dirty, minerals present in the water can stain the bowl. Hence, it’s advisable to brush your toilet with a sturdy toilet brush on a regular base. Even if this is done at least once in a week, bigger cleaning will be much more easily done and even the need will arise on very less frequent base.

  • Wash toothpaste marks

The toothpaste mark which is visible on the mirror or the sink, looks very much dirty and ugly. Even, when you are done with bathroom cleaning job, and still there are any toothpaste marks, your bathroom looks dirty. It needs to be cleaned. If possible, try to clean just after you use it. This will not create any build up. Wash the sink, rinse it and then dry the sink when you are done.

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  • Cleaners for eliminating calcium-lime-rust can also be sprayed on the shower head for unclogging hard water build up and regaining water pressure. If you want the best results, spray it few times a week after shower.
  • Don’t miss out to clean the ceiling. Fill a bleach water solution in a spray bottle and it can be used very efficiently to mildew spots prevailing on the ceiling.
  • Always keep in mind the worst enemy of mildew is bleach. Generally even a small application of bleach will be able to eliminate stains of mildew without even the need of scrubbing.
  • Using a squeegee will make your glass surface look really clean without any of the water spots.
  • Scrub in between the tiles with bleach to clean out the grout totally.
  • Wash inside of your bath tub by using bar keepers as it polishes it.
  • Rinse your scrub brush or sponge varied times as you go along. Don’t forget to change your mop water whenever it gets dirty. The main purpose of bathroom cleaning is to wash the dirt and down a drain and not to move it around your bathroom.
  • While carrying the process of bathroom cleaning, you can wear rubber gloves for maintaining hygiene.
  • There are plenty of crannies and tiny nooks where you cannot get a sponge or cannot rag into. A toothbrush kept for cleaning can be helpful and also cotton swabs can be used for this purpose for getting into all small corners and also in between the tiles.
  • Once you have cleaned your tub thoroughly as per all the instructions, you can make use of shower cleaner and no rinse tub which you apply after each shower and it can be used for maintaining the cleanliness of your tub and shower with very little effort.
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  • Never ever mix ammonia and bleach. Even sponge which has previously come in contact with bleach can react with ammonia and it can form poisonous chlorine gas.
Bathroom cleaning tools
Tools for bathroom cleaning

Things to be used

  • Vacuum
  • Sponge
  • Bleach
  • Mop
  • Squeegee
  • Scrub
  • Bathroom cleaning brush
  • Dustpan
  • Toilet cleaner and toilet brush
  • Clothes
  • Paper towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray bottles
  • Steel wool
  • Laundry detergent or dish soap
  • Glass cleanser
  • Toothbrush or cotton swabs

Bathroom cleaning has never been an easy task. As just we saw there are varied things involved in bathroom cleaning and many things have to be taken care of. In this case there are also many chances of making mistakes. To avoid such mistakes here is a list of mistakes to avoid while bathroom cleaning.

Bathroom cleaning mistakes to avoid

  • Using same products for cleaning all surface

Every area of bathroom is used in different way and it also needs different kinds of cleaner. Usage of tub is different and thus you need different cleaner for tub. Usage of floor is different and hence it needs different cleaning product for cleaning floor. Sink, basin and mirrors also needs specific cleaners. Thus don’t use a single cleaner for whole bathroom cleaning.

  • Don’t neglect unseen parts assuming they are already clean

There are many hidden and unseen parts in the bathroom which cannot be seen and hence you don’t clean it. But this is not right thing to do. You should in fact focus more on such unseen parts as there can be germs build up in such areas.

  • Avoid putting bathroom cleaning brush in stand right after cleaning

When you are cleaning bathroom with the brush, the germs from bathroom will stick on the brush. Thus when you keep the wet brush right on the stand just after cleaning then the brush will accumulate germs in it. Its better you keep the brush in sunlight so that germs are killed and not spreaded in bathroom.

  • Missing out significant parts of bathroom

There are many components like shelves, racks, toothbrush holders, clothes hangers, handles which are missed out while bathroom cleaning. This is not intentional but you don’t even remember that these are also parts of bathroom which should be cleaned. Consider every single part which has been touched while bathroom cleaning.

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Bathroom cleaning is a lengthy process and a bit difficult also but it is not a thing which should be neglected. The above mentioned tips and tricks will help you to make your bathroom clean and hygienic.


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