Bathroom Cleaning Tools You Must Have

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)
various bathroom cleaning tools
Accumulating bathroom cleaning tools

Vacuuming your sofa and getting rid of the dust, dirt and dog hairs from your living room is something else. Whereas getting rid of the moss, fungus, bacteria and mildew from your sink, toilet and bathroom floor is something else. Bathroom cleaning is dirty task but you have to do it anyhow. If you have finally decided that you want to go for bathroom cleaning then one of the things to support you will be bathroom cleaning tools. If you want to do it, then do it with right bathroom cleaning tools for getting the best results. Make sure to have right bathroom cleaning tools before you even start to clean your bathroom. Right bathroom cleaning tools will help to make the task bit easy and tolerable. Having right bathroom cleaning tools, will also make the task more rapid. Here is a list of some of the effective and helpful bathroom cleaning tools and bathroom cleaning supplies.

  • Squeegee

Bathroom is a place which has excessive moisture and for getting rid of such excessive moisture, you need a squeegee. This is right bathroom cleaning tool to remove moisture from the doors and walls of the bathroom. Also clean your shower and bath tub. Try to keep this bathroom cleaning tools permanent in your bathroom so that after bath or after every use, you can clean things after use with squeegee. This will cut down the level of moisture, soap scum and mildew drastically which can be very difficult to remove at a later stage. You can use squeegee with glass cleaner for cleaning windows and mirrors very easily and quickly.

  • Toilet brush

If you want to clean up your toilet very easily and quickly then you need to have this bathroom cleaning tool in your bathroom. Keep a nice holder nearby toilet bowl of your bathroom. Put the cleaning solution in the toilet bowl and then clean it with the toilet cleaning brush. Wipe each side of the bowl with brush so that the bathroom cleaning solution spreads properly and all bacteria are killed. After you are done with using this bathroom cleaning toll, you must wipe the toilet bowl with a disposable paper towel. Fill the toilet bowl with cleaning solution and keep it for 5 to 10 minutes to make your toilet totally bacteria free.

  • Multiple surface bathroom cleaning tool

A good bathroom cleaner will make your bathroom to sparkle and look spotless clean. One of the most essential bathroom cleaning tools is multiple surface bathroom cleaner. You can use it to wipe down your mirrors, glass doors, ceramic, faucets and handles. If these surfaces are not much dirty, then also clean them as it will clean your bathroom on a whole. Clean your lint free rag without any use of fabric softener at least once in a week.

  • Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves for bathroom cleaning
Use of rubber gloves for bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning tools will be for bathroom and hence based on this point if you think that rubber gloves are not a part of bathroom cleaning tools then you are totally wrong. Rubber gloves are essential part of bathroom cleaning tools as your hands are more important than cleaning. There would dirt and germs on the bathroom and you don’t want to get on your hands while you are cleaning them. Also the cleaners which you use for cleaning bathroom can also hurt your hands and hence it is very much essential to put on rubber gloves while cleaning your bathroom. After removing the gloves also wash your hands properly. Also clean the gloves with water properly and let it dry properly before you store it at its permanent place. You can also consider sanitizing your rubber gloves by running them in your dishwasher or you can add them with the rags when you are doing their laundry. Let them dry naturally in the sun and they will look like new again.

  • Tooth brush

Toothbrush for bathroom cleaning
Old toothbrush for bathroom cleaning

This might look weird being included in the essential bathroom cleaning tools list, but trust it is a very useful bathroom cleaning tool. If you have chosen tiles as your flooring option in your bathroom, you will have a need to keep one or two old toothbrush in your bathroom for cleaning it. None of the cleaners will be able to clean the grout lines in a better manner. You can keep them clean by rinsing it well after every use. Make sure to toss it after the bristles stars to bend or fray. Any grout which has entered into the tile will not be removed by any other bathroom cleaning tools like brush or any such thing but it will be very perfectly done by the toothbrush. It will take some time and hard work but this is the only alternative you have got.

  • Scrub brush

Scrub brush is one of those bathroom cleaning tools which is used for deep cleaning. You can use this bathroom cleaning tool for cleaning your shower and tub. This is one of those must have bathroom cleaning tools which does not have any substitute or alternative. For getting the optimum result of the bathroom cleaning, you need to apply the cleaner first and then let it sit for a minimum period of thirty minutes. After that, scrub the floor well by using the brush. Before using the scrub on the shower and tub, make sure they are not prone to scrubbing and the surface is not scratched or there are no restrictions as to use of some brushes or abrasive cleaners.

  • Disposable wipes

This is one of the hygienic options of bathroom cleaning tools. When you use your sink, there wil some soap left or water spilled on it which looks dirty. To overcome this issue, you can use this bathroom cleaning tool. Keep some of the disposable wipes under your sink and use it every time to use your sink or every time its gets dirty.

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Here is a list of bathroom cleaning along with its uses

Cleaning supplies and uses

Cleaning materials Uses
Baking soda Scouring powder used to clean bathroom floor when mixed with water
White vinegar Mild disinfectantand deoderiser used to cut bathroom crease
Lemon juice Cleaning agent whichj works like mild bleach to clean stubborn stains
washing soda Remove bathroom stains and cuts crease
Borax Natural mineral salt used as bleach and disinfectant and also control pests
Microfiber cloth To clean bathroom surfaces and mirrors
Rags For doing rough job which normal cloth cannot do
Spray bottle To sprinkle the cleaning solution
Hardwearing nylon cloth Hard sponge to scrub your bathroom with



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