Basic Facts About Modular Homes

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Facts about modular home
Concept of modular home

What is modular home?

A modular home is such kind of home which is built in a factory or any indoor place. All products are manufactured inside the factory and finished products are sent to their new locations. All the products are then assembled by the builders in the new location. If you are thinking that a modular home is a mobile home then you are totally wrong. It is just a home which is not built at the site. These types of modular homes are generally called as system-built, factory-built or prefabricated home.

How modular home is different from one built on site

As we all know that modular homes are built in the factory and thus their construction can be finished within time period of weeks as compared to months. They don’t have to bear the delay of time which is caused by unsuitable weather conditions.  Modular homes have to go through the specific guidelines, building codes and rules which often surpass the codes and rules of traditional on-site homes. If you have decided to go for modular homes, then it is very essential to shop around as all the companies which are into factory built homes are not similar. There is notable difference in the price, service and quality. So make your research and then go for such homes.

Modular home facts

  • Value of modular homes do not depreciate, its value increases the same way as the value of onsite counter parts do.
  • Modular homes are such which can be customized.
  • Most of the modular home companies possess in-house department of engineering which make use of CAD.
  • You can get plenty of styles and designs in case of modular homes.
  • Modular construction can be taken into use for building commercial things like office building.
  • Modular homes are permanent structure only just like the real property.
  • Modular homes are liable to be built on crawlspace and basement.
  • Modular homes are one of the forms of green building.
  • Modular homes are faster to build when compared to the site built homes.
  • There is no difference in the loan of home loans and modular home loans.
  • When compared to the insurance premiums of modular homes with site build homes, they are just the same.
  • Coming to the taxation point of view also the taxation of both types of home is just the same.
  • Modular homes are strong and it can withstand the heavy winds of 175-mph.
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Do all modular homes look similar?

There a misconception those modular homes look alike but this is totally wrong. Modular homes have plethora of designs and there is o limitation to it. There is even no limitation to the style factor. You can have a home with many different styles. You can Mediterranean home or you can also get a home center hall colonial style. Any kind of architectural design or window or doors can be added of your desire.

How a modular home is assembled?

First of all the sections of the home are built in a area where climate s controlled. All the products are prepared in the factory itself. After they are prepared, the finished products are transferred to the site of the home. Then all the finished parts are assembled with cranes. They are placed with Lego blocks. Once modular homes are placed and they are set on their foundation, they cannot be moved. Before fixing up the parts, you must consult with your contractor as to which type of flooring you want, or which type of window you want to install and other such matters as the guidelines differ from contractor to contractor.



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