Average Cost of Room Addition

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Constructed Room Addition Cost at Home
Process of Finding Average Room addition Cost

Room additions make more living space available in your home. There are several factors that decide the overall cost of room addition.


The cost is largely influenced by the type of room addition. For example, adding a large family room to your home is costly than a half-bath. Other common home additions can be bedrooms, porches or second floors.


After the addition of room is complete, you have to purchase furniture and other décor to decorate the room. Your final room addition costs depend upon the amount you spend for materials needed to decorate the room and the quality of those materials.

Other Considerations

If you hire a contractor it may sometimes increase the cost of your room addition. If you have no construction experience you should hire one. Increased property taxes are to be paid by you on the value of the room in addition to building fees.

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