Attaching your Hardie Board

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
fitting of Hardie Board outside the home
Contractors installing Hardie Board at home

Hardie board is made up of cement fibers and it is very durable and used as a type of siding.


1. Using a tape measure the Hardie board to match the dimensions you need for the project. Surface should be marked with a pencil for reference and cutting purposes.

2. The cutting tool, whether it is a circular or miter, should be equipped with a masonry blade.

3. The Hardie board should be placed on a stable surface such as saw horses or a workbench. The Hardie board should be placed in such a way so that the mark made previously rests over the edge of the work surface to prevent any accidental.

4. After placing the saw’s blade next to the mark on the Hardie board, you should squeeze the tool’s trigger so the power is turned on.

5. Holding the Hardie board firmly in place with one hand and using the other hand manipulate the saw. After the cut is complete turn the saw off.

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