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(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
Choosing Kitchen benchtops
Picking up Kitchen benchtops

Kitchen benchtops are one of the most vital parts of a kitchen and usually the focal point in the room. The experts suggest that the most ideal depth for benchtops is in between 600-900 mm. A variety of materials is used to structure these kitchen table tops.

Timber benchtops were the most common during the Victorian era. But over the years people have shifted from stainless steel to stone to concrete structures. The steel options became prominent since 1960s and they are very hardy and easy to maintain and clean.

The stone benchtops are usually made from varied stone types such as marble, granite, quartz and engineered stones. However, no matter how stylish it looks, yet the stone tops are not suitable if you have children at home. Concrete benchtops are very popular today. They are a versatile option and can be made in a wide range of looks and finishes. Besides, the concrete structures are economical too.

Types of Kitchen benchtops:

Kitchen benchtops truly works in the form of adding a beautiful finishing touch to your kitchen. So it truly makes a perfect sense of selecting an accurate type of kitchen benchtop that is suitable to your kitchen and its style. It helps in adding an aesthetic look and functionality that increases the value of pleasing your mind.

There are myriad choices and options of materials available out there, so here is the list of some common types of kitchen benchtops that can be used in the form of ultimate finish for increasing the value of your kitchen. Check it out and make any of this your choice for presenting your kitchen even more beautifully and charmingly. Don’t forget to watch out for the design of the benchtop you’re selecting. It matters a lot. Prepare the layout of the design of kitchen benchtop you’re interested in fitting in your kitchen.

As stated there are many types of kitchen benchtops, it simply means that you’re availed with many options and styling your kitchen in any way you want. Most of the common ones are stated below:


Marble kitchen bechtop constructed
White Marble kitchen bechtop

Marble is similar to most of the granite materials but with its smoother surface, it’s best suitable for those kitchens preferably, which is favored for the preparation of pastries, sweets and dough. As it includes with some porous ingredients, it might require for applying sealant more often as compared to the granite ones.

They are generally made up from limestone. It is considerably softer as compared granite. There are many benefits of installing marble as the option for your kitchen benchtop like:

  • It is heat resistant
  • Easily available in the market
  • It’s not a heating conductor and naturally cool
  • Marble is easy to blend with any other stone, so it is less likely to get damaged or chipped
  • It is ultra-white and beautiful
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But installing marble kitchen benchtop might turn up a bit expensive for the home owners. Once the marbles gets stained, it might result in the similar one for the whole life. The stain might not remove even after cleaning it totally. As it is a soft stoned material, possibilities of scratches and dents are more as compared to other kitchen benchtop options. You need to take regular care of your marbles if installed in your kitchen.


Granite is amongst the most suitable and common types of kitchen benchtop option that most of the home owners prefer. It is highly durable in nature and its chip and scratch resistant too. You are offered with the quality of placing the hot things directly in the benchtop, surplus to that you can directly cook on the surface of the granite kitchen benchtop. It is very easy to clean and maintain it.

Granite kitchen benchtops are made up entirely of natural stones. It’s among the ideal stone material suitable in the form of any kitchen benchtop. Granite offers with heating, staining and scratching resistant features. Even, it offers with the benefits of not sealing it because of its features. There are many different benefits of granite material that can help you in deciding to install it or not.

  • They are extremes over heating effects and highly scratch resistant
  • Generally less expensive as compared to other kitchen benchtop options
  • Granite is stain resistant, once it’s completely sealed
  • It is among the hardest stone material beneficial for the home owners
  • There are different choices over colors and patterns available in granite kitchen benchtops.

There are chances of break down if not sealed properly. It’s advisable of sealing it every 2 to 3 years for enjoying better durability. It absorbs more amount of liquids and oils, so maintaining it is very important. There are many possibilities that it results in cracking up because of careless cleaning and maintaining.

 Quartz surface:

Constructed Quartz kitchen benchtop
Stylish Quartz kitchen benchtop

Well, quartz material is said among the most durable option of kitchen benchtops. It is highly resistant towards stains and offers the look of natural stone. Quartz is non-porous and hard surface that is easy to install and shape in the way you want. It’s highly effective and hygienic to install it in the form of kitchen benchtop.

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It is considered to be having the highest and the purest quality of product that can be used in the form of kitchen benchtop. Quartz material is highly resistant from fire, heat, stains and is scratch free. Here is the list of benefits of installing quartz kitchen benchtops as your option:

  • Highly stain resistant
  • Presentable and luxurious appearance as compared to other kitchen beanchtop materials
  • Helps in preventing bacterial growth and stain resistant
  • Considered in the list of most hardest material that also offers with scratch free surface
  • It is highly heat resistive in nature.

Well, installing it is definitely a good option but it is quite more expensive as compared to the granite or the laminate option of kitchen benchtops. If you’re planning of installing quartz as the option of kitchen benchtop, well they don’t actually appear like natural stone. It might result in breakdown or discoloration is exposed more to the sunlight.


One of the common types of kitchen benchtops that can be installed as the option in your kitchen is laminates. It is made up of many different layers that have been compressed all together for preparing the surface. It is an economical option that is highly suitable in the form of kitchen benchtops.

It might not as durable as stone but its highly versatile and available in different ranges of colors and textures. Select your favorite color and decide which laminate piece of pattern will be suitable in your kitchen. It is among the cheapest option of kitchen benchtop. If planning for a cheapest way of installing the benchtop in your kitchen, laminate is the perfect choice for the home owners.

  • It is cheaper and affordable as compared to different engineered stones
  • It doesn’t require any special ingredient of solution for cleaning it. Cleaning it by water is also easy and effective.
  • Laminates are customizable and versatile in nature
  • Choices of different patterns and designs are available in laminates
  • It doesn’t allow the unwanted growth of mold and mildew on it.

When it has the list of advantages, it is also supplied with a little amount of disadvantages too. If the laminates are damaged, it might lead in looking old and dull. Laminates are not much durable as compared to other stones used in the form of kitchen benchtops. If harmful or harsh cleaning solutions are used on the laminates, it might lead in damaging the shine and the charm of it. Laminates can easily get cut or scratched is proper care is not given. It is not resistant towards the heating effects, so it might result in burning or melting and hence it would leave back the burning marks.

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Acrylic kitchen benchtop
Chairs with Acrylic kitchen benchtop

As stated, there are varied options available in kitchen benchtops, one of them is acrylic. Well, acrylic kitchen benchtops are way more attractive and can easily be afforded by the home owners. It works best as the alternative of other stones or granite surface of benchtops. Acrylic benchtops are said to be easily replaceable and repairable. It is also stain resistant that is helpful for the home owners for avoiding the stress of their kitchen benchtop getting stained for permanent.

But, you’ll definitely find different quality because there are many different sellers and manufacturers that offer the durability and the quality ratio of their product. It’s advisable to the home owners for checking the warrantees that are offered by the manufacturing unit. There are many benefits of installing acrylic kitchen benchtop as your option.

  • It is very easy and simple to clean
  • Using solutions and household cleaners are advisable because it doesn’t affect the surface of the benchtop
  • It is easy to install as compared to other materials or benchtops
  • It is highly inexpensive and can be afforded by the home owners easily
  • It is stain resistant in nature. The stress of stain not leaving the surface is now solved up completely.

It is also added by the list of disadvantages that are stated as under:

  • Chances of getting scratched or chipped by other sources are more as compared to other materials and stones.
  • It might not be as durable as compared to other stones used in the form of kitchen benchtops
  • It might be plain or boring in appearance because there are not much of colors or patterns available in acrylic benchtop
  • It has the ability to get scratched soon and that might left over for permanent
  • It is not at all heat resistant in nature, so exposing it off the sun might lead in offering damaging effects.
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