Air barriers vs vapor barriers

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Contractors using Air barriers for walls
Air barriers being installed at home

The question that whether we should use an air barrier or a vapor barrier is both very complicated and extremely debatable. The most common point of differentiation between an air barrier and a vapor barrier is that an air barrier ensures great functioning in almost every climate while the vapor barriers are not that great for performing all round the year withstanding every climate that is about to come up.

Most of us do not know where an air barrier or a vapor barrier is used in our houses and how they function. The controlling of moisture is very essential for ensuring both our safety and that of the house. Proper air transportation is the key to avoid all sorts of moisture related disasters. It should be understood that just like every one of us breathes, proper air transportation acts like a breathing system for our homes, and during most of the projects, a constructor would choose an air barrier over a vapor barrier for the benefits that it provides.

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