Advantages Of Under floor Heating

(Last Updated On: February 24, 2017)
Advantages underfloor heating
Benefits of underfloor heating

In a cold weather with temperature in minus degrees, you must be searching out the ways to keep your home warm. One of the ways of keeping your home warm and comfortable for winter is opting for under floor heating. There are several advantages of having under floor heating into your house. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Combines easily with heat pumps

The biggest advantage of under floor heating is the way in which it easily combines up with the heat pumps. The way of delivering concentrated heat is through a heat pump which gives domestic hot water up to a temperature of 60 degree Celsius and it feed the floor heating system at an efficient but lower temperature.  Under floor heating system are designed in such a way that it can optimize the efficiency of heat pumps, not only that it is also a renewable energy system of heating which is overall very efficient. It delivers a constant and controlled heat and it is also very helpful in decreasing the running cost along with decreasing your carbon footprint.

  • No maintenance

We all know that there is no moving part in under floor heating system and thus there are little things which can go wrong. The installing must be correct and proper. Testing of pipes must be done correctly, thus if there are any leaks then it will be detected at an early stage and it will be dealt with at initial stage only. Thus one of the benefits is that you don’t need to pay much of the attention towards maintenance as all the things are done at the installation time only. This thing is not possible in the traditional heating system. Thus you are free of all the regular maintenance cost throughout the year.

  • Comfortable

Under floor heating system is very convenient as it heats up the whole area in which you live. There is a consistent and constant temperature in your home. In case of traditional heating system, it heats up only that area which you intend to heat up and you cannot be that comfortable in area without that. Whereas in case of under floor system, you can get warmth all over the house.

  • Freedom of room designing

Another advantage of under floor heating system is that you can design your room the best possible you want without any hindrance of having any heating system to block up the space or not fitting in with the design.  You need to worry about allocating the space of your room to radiators, instead you can adjust your furniture the way you want and use the full space in your house without having any extra space covered for radiators.

  • Safety

The flow of the temperature is convenient and there is none of the protruding radiators which needs to be installed and thus there is no risk or danger of small children or other people to burn themselves because of radiators. Thus from safety point of view also this type of heating is more superior as compared to traditional way.

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