Advantages of rammed earth construction

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2017)
rammed earth construction by experts
Two contractors fixing for rammed earth construction

When you see a rammed earth home, you might see faint lines on the exterior of the house. These lines are testimony of each level of earth being rammed. You need to understand that rammed earth constructions have a host of benefits. For starters, the walls of the rammed earth houses have excellent thermal mass. Therefore, the house is cool and comfortable during the day even without an air conditioner. During the night, it warms up just enough to make you comfortable.

Moreover, in case of rammed earth homes the walls are thick and dense, therefore unwanted noise is kept away from the house. The rammed earth constructions are strong and more durable as well. Other important advantages of rammed earth construction includes low maintenance, load bearing, fire proof, cost effective, can be constructed rapidly, versatile, pest proof and environment friendly. The rammed earth homes are healthy as well. So, all in all rammed earth house is really a good option.

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