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(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
Contractor installing Rock wool insulation
Pipe used for installing Rock wool insulation

A safe form of insulation for buildings that is known for being incombustible is called rockwool insulation which is mostly used in Australia and New Zealand.


Temporary itching can be caused to those who handle rockwool insulation, but it is not considered harmful. It is made up of bio-soluble fiber. It was first introduced in the mid 1800s. Volcanic materials like basalt and diabase rocks are used for making rockwool. By melting these rocks with coke in a furnace, and spinning the lava into fibers with cold air and then compressing the result rockwool is produced.


Rockwool insulation is preferable as compared to many other forms of insulation because it is not harmful if inhaled. It is also light in weight and does not settle down with time.

Mostly rockwool insulation products pass the non-combustibility test, where other petrochemical or paper based products do not succeed. No harmful chemicals leak from the insulation as rockwool does not absorb moisture and has a neutral pH level.

Process of installing rock wool insulation:

Before you start ahead with the process, it’s advisable of following and purchasing certain materials important for the process. They are:

  • Knife
  • Hammer
  • Rock wool insulating materials
  • Nails
  • Dust mask
  • Measuring tapes
  • Pencil
Person installing Rock wool insulation
Rock wool insulation installation by home owner

There are many reasons of installing rock wool insulation lie it helps in warming up your home and helps in eliminating and preventing the sound effects entering or from escaping from your room. Well, home owners planning of installing rock wool insulation is highly beneficial because it makes your home even more comfortable for living.

And if you’re thinking that installing the rock wool insulation is difficult then let me inform you, it’s very easy and a simple process. It wouldn’t take longer than simply a weekend. But it depends upon the size of your room where you want to insulate and install the rock wool insulation. It is available in different sizes, in rolls or in the form of sheets. But you’ll definitely need to cut it off while mounting it in your room.

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Steps of installing the rock wool insulation:

Measure the area of your room:

Start the process of installing rock wool insulation by measuring the width and the length of the place where you want to install it. Measure your room properly for a perfect installation process. If you observe more of complex spaces and curves in your room, you might need to take special and different measurements for ensuring that you can cut the exact size of the insulation for your room. Make sure to use a measuring tape for taking exact measurement of the width and the length of your room.

Start marking the rock wool insulation:

Now you’re known with the exact size of the insulation, you’re going to need in your room it’s the exact time of marking up with the help of pencil on the pieces of insulating materials. It’s advisable of performing this step accurately so that the insulating material can fix in into the place perfectly without cutting the edges or after cutting process. Proper sized insulating materials helps in not inviting or investing in any other forms of fixing materials.

It simply means that, now you won’t need to worry about the sound effects from escaping or entering your room any more.

Cut off the insulating materials:

It’s advisable of wearing a dust mask while cutting the rock wool insulating materials. It is mandatory for safety because rock wool insulating materials contain very fine particles when it is shaped up. It might lead in getting into your eyes and damage them. Well, a dust mask is used for minimizing the presence of dust in the air for going into your eyes and mouth. It might also harm your respiratory system.

Generally, shaping and cutting the rock wool insulating material is very simple and easy. You can perform this step by making the use of utility knife for cutting through the lines marked with the help of pencil. It’s advisable of taking your time while performing this step for ensuring that the cuts are in accurate shape and perfect position. For better cutting process, use a cutting tape that offers with better measurements while cutting the shape of your rock wool insulation.

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Mount the rock wool insulating material in your room:

Once you’re done with cutting the sizes of rock wool and shaping it well, push the pieces of insulation by mounting the prices into the ceiling and the wall cavities for not only improving the sound insulation but for warming up your home interiors too.

Of you observe that the insulating materials are not fitting in a good condition or coming out of the walls, it’s advisable of stapling or nailing them in the walls. It helps in making them sturdy and holds them in their place. Don’t forget to position it first before you start nailing it in the walls. It’s advisable of ensuring that the rock wool insulating materials in snugging properly into the walls and make sure that it won’t move from its place. Also, you should make sure that you give your best for installing them in your room.

Final step:

Now, it’s the exact time for examining the final touch of your insulation in your room. Apply the final touches to the ceilings or the walls where it is installed. If you’re working on the walls section, it’s the exact time for installing the drywall board on the top surface of your insulation. So that the rock wall insulating materials can easily be hidden from the top view. Following this, helps in finishing the walls and you can simply decorate them the way you want to have in your room.

There are many benefits of installing rock wool insulation like it is a healthy and useful product that works as both sounding insulating material and thermal material too. Installing it helps in making your home warmer and also offers in increasing the sound insulation qualities in your home. If you think that eliminating sound is more important, it’s advisable of installing better version of sound absorption technologies in your home.

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Benefits of Rock wool insulation:

Rock wool slabs
Three Rock wool rolls

Basically, rock wool insulation is made up of many ingredients like chalk, sand and melted basalt. The basalt is actually melted and transformed in the form of cotton candy and turned into rock wool further. There are many benefits for the home owners that offer them with the reason of installing rock wool insulation at your home.

  • There are multiple sizes and shapes available for applying and mounting them on the walls and the ceilings. Taking for a cube to large sized slabs, each and every pieces are available that can be installed according to the length of your room.
  • It also offers with huge quantity of absorbing water and also hold sufficient amount of air. It helps in holding a lot amount of water that offers you with the advantage of gathering and preventing the power against failure. Surplus to that, it also helps in holding at least 19 to 25 percentage of air that helps the roots of the system with ample amount of oxygen.
  • Chances of breakdown or fall apart are very minimal when it comes for rock wool insulation. It is highly durable in nature. It is considered among the health hazards that help increasing the longevity and durability of your home. As rock wool insulation is made up of different fibers and minerals, it is always advisable of wearing a dust mask and protection glasses that helps in protecting your eyes and mouth while cutting the pieces of rack wool insulation.
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