A comparison of Redwood and Pressure treated Wood

redwood staircase installation
Installing Redwood stairs at home

Wood is a common material used for construction of outdoor decking, railing and support posts. Different types of wood, like redwood and pressure-treated wood are useful for these constructions.


Redwood is known for its aesthetic red appearance and beauty and it comes from California. A high grade type of redwood is resistant to insects and does not rot. Its high cost is a drawback so the redwood use is very less.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is usually made up of yellow pine and chemically coated with chromium copper arsenate. This treatment makes the wood resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi. The cost of this wood is less than redwood.


Redwood is a natural wood, but pressure-treated wood contains harmful elements, such as arsenic, copper and chromium as it is chemically treated. When installing this type of wood care should be taken by using face masks and gloves for protection.

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