A comparison of Redwood and Pressure treated Wood

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
redwood staircase installation
Installing Redwood stairs at home

Wood is a common material used for construction of outdoor decking, railing and support posts. Different types of wood, like redwood and pressure-treated wood are useful for these constructions.


Redwood is known for its aesthetic red appearance and beauty and it comes from California. A high grade type of redwood is resistant to insects and does not rot. Its high cost is a drawback so the redwood use is very less.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is usually made up of yellow pine and chemically coated with chromium copper arsenate. This treatment makes the wood resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi. The cost of this wood is less than redwood.


Redwood is a natural wood, but pressure-treated wood contains harmful elements, such as arsenic, copper and chromium as it is chemically treated. When installing this type of wood care should be taken by using face masks and gloves for protection.

Benefits of redwood decking:

Redwood decking
Constructed redwood decking

When it comes for selecting a perfect material for decking, redwood decking with wooden construction is the perfect choice of selection. Redwood is also best suitable for furniture and siding option. But, you might be thinking, what is the thing which constructors and carpenters like the most about the redwood? Basically, redwood is arrived from the Sequoia Semperviren trees that are exactly the native to the west Coast areas of California, Washington and Oregon. There are many benefits that reveal its beauty and featuring effects. The largest redwoods are known for their huge sizes and ancient character best suitable for decking, furniture and other use too. Well, you might find many countries that have started growing redwood for their use. It is mainly used in carpentry projects. It’s popular and functional in most of the areas of different countries. It depends upon the acceptance of this building material. Much of the information as of now, let’s walk ahead for knowing its benefits of installing redwood decking as the option for your home.

Here is the list of benefits that might turn simply the reason for installing redwood deck. Here are the main reasons for those who are planning of hiring out new decking project. It’s advisable of using redwood as the material in your deck because it is worth and highly suitable for any type of weather of situation out there.

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Durability and longevity:

Its general resistance is among the best reason of installing and using redwood as the option for decking. It is highly resistive and weather resistant in nature. Surplus to that, redwood decking is best suitable because it also comprise of some natural abilities of preventing pests and termites attracting towards the deck.

And when it comes for understanding the beauty and its durability, redwood decking helps in displaying one of the best ability of holding water for more period of time, as compared to other kind of wood options. Many of the home owners might have seen deck’s construction with less enduring substances, where you might find wood planks getting wizened coming out from its fastening, shrunken, and might also result in bowing out of its shape.

But, if planning of installing redwood decks, it helps with many benefits like it has the capacity to intact moisture in for a longer period of time. Due to this feature, the plank of the deck stays at the same place where they are supposed to be and that too for much durable time.

Good appearance:

Installing redwood deck as the option for your decking is way more suitable because it looks beautiful and suitable according to your home constructions. Redwood has straight, long grain that appeals too many of the aesthetic and artistic minded home owners!!

Surplus to that, its vibrant and beautiful red color stands out in any the space, whether it’s for decking or for your yard. Up to some extent, it’s primarily the look of redwood that helps in making it such a desired type of element for decorating and using it in your decking, siding or any other part of your home.

Stain free:

Similar to the point of color, another benefit of redwood decking is that, these types of decking might not need the similar kind of stains that might make other decking options good. Some types of sealer works best for many of the redwood decking project. It’s also important to maintain a redwood deck, similar to the way of maintaining any other wooden deck, simply for making it last for a longer period of time and also for keeping it more functional and attractive for a long haul.

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For those home owners, staying in home for many years can get the chance of enjoying a good outdoor and exterior space by maintaining the deck like keeping the accumulated debris off the deck and by making sure that the deck is not gouged, torn or dented by any sharp or heavy object. It’s advisable to make sure that it is not worn more over the period of time.

If planning of using redwood as the option for your next decking or any other project in your home is a good idea. It’s advisable to the home owners for performing a cost analysis before heading forward with the project. This helps in knowing and analyzing that redwood material fits in your budget or not, because redwood might turn expensive for the home owners. Keeping in mind other important aspects and paying proper attention to the budget, home owners can simply figure out in which direction he or she want to go and which material should be used for the space, which they want to enjoy for coming many years.

Redwood is easy to work with:

Many of the carpenters suggest that working with redwood material is easy as compared to other wooden material. It is relatively easy to transform it in the form of wooden deck. Redwood is a softer wood, so it can easily be shaped by bucking a saw. Shape the planks in the way you’ve designed your outdoor deck.

Overall, we can say that redwood is the winner as compared to other kind of wood options because when it comes for constructing quality exterior spaces or outdoor decks, it helps in not only increasing the appealing effects but helps in improving the quality and the value of your home.

Benefits of pressure treated wood decking:

Pressure treated wood decking
Greenish Pressure treated wood decking

Well, pressure treated wood material is mainly used in the form of building material. It is trending now a days. Even, pressure treated wood is used in different varieties and options for different purposes too. Surplus to that, pressure treated wood comprises of different benefits that might increase the anxiety for the home owners of installing it as the options.

And if you’re planning of installing some of the deck option for increasing the beauty of your garden or lawn, it’s advisable to consider pressure treated wood as your option. Home owners can enjoy varied of advantages while using this type of wood option for their home. It is calculated in the list of most used with great appearance wood material. It is far more attractive and beautiful as compared to metal or plastic material form for decking.

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Look and appearance:

You might not know, but the pressure treated wood deck is mainly colored by a greenish tint that might simply turn to different color if properly dint preserved. The color of the deck might quickly fade if it is not rapidly stained with varnish or sealed. Sealant is beneficial because it helps in preserving the shine and the charm of your deck.

Even, taking the pressure treated wooden deck to another color is also easy by simply using different sprays and varnish for painting it the way you want to!!

Cost factor:

Well, we can consider cost as one of the reasons for the popularity of pressure treated wood decking option. The initial cost of installation of pressure treated wooden deck is low, and it also benefits with low maintenance.

It’s advisable of installing this as the option of decking rather than using an expensive kind of wooden option for your deck. Cedar and many other wooden options are good but quite expensive for the home owners. But, by installing pressure treated wooden deck, the issues of threat of burning or any other issues is sorted now. It will not prove you by affecting a hole in your pocket.

Durability and longevity:

In varied option of exterior decking materials, pressure treated wooden decking is among the strongest content in the list of the decking options. Unlike cedar that is extremely soft and can easily get weathered. But a pressure treated wooden deck is quite tough for use. Particularly when it is sealed completely.

The life of pressure treated wooden deck is more than 10 to 15 years before you need to replace it with the newer one.

Follow the list of benefits of redwood decking and pressure treated wood decking and take the decision about which type of decking style is more suitable according to your home exteriors.

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