5 things to ask your custom home builder

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
things to ask to custom home builder
Custom home builder questionnaire

Your dream home should be a custom build home because it will give you the opportunity to include all the features that you have always dreamt of. To build a custom home, you will need to hire an established custom home builder and work with him to give shape to your dreams. To design the perfect home, you need to ask the builder the right questions.

First, ask the custom home builder what he thinks about the location where you are building the home. Getting a feel of the area and the neighborhood is very important. Ask him, about the features which he things are important for the home. Also ask him questions you have regarding the features you want to be included in the house. Since a custom home will be built from scratch, you need to ask the builder what the materials that will be used. And lastly, ask questions about the cost of building your dream home.

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