3 ways to soundproof a room

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2017)
person is disturbed cause of not sound proofing a room
Different options of sound proofing a room

Sounds like Loud music, barking of the dog, etc are made you irritating? Then soundproof the room is the best solution. It makes the room silent. It makes you relief from the sound. Here are 3 simple ways to soundproof a room

1. Green Glue –It is the most effective and inexpensive way of soundproofing the wall. Green glue easily stops the vibration. Laminating the walls with sheetrock of layers is the technique used in Green glue.
2. Foam gasket tapes are used to seal the windows, doors and ceilings. This would be installed on both sides of the doors and windows. Use double or triple framed vinyl window for soundproofing the window or you can use a sound barrier in the window.
3. Place the green glue between the floors will make it sound proof. Gasket tape will give the best result on soundproofing the floor.

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