12 Bedroom Decor Ideas of 2016

(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)

If you are a fan of modern decor and want to renovate your bedroom to invite the New Year ahead, bedroom decor ideas 2016 plays a prominent role to fulfil your wishes. Modern bedroom decor is widely accepted because it not only provides you a sophisticated look; it also supplies you with confidence to represent your creative power of installing a beautiful bedroom in your own style. Bedroom is our safe bliss, the place where we retreat at the end of the day and we rise every morning to start up our day. It is our chamber, where we relax, share our comforts, enjoy with family and avoid the noise of world for a while. So bedroom decor should be such that relaxes us and positively affects our mood.

Selection of right wall colors, bedroom decor ideas and design, fabrics and texturing makes it relevant to your lifestyle. The bedroom decor ideas 2016, works as an inspiration to transform from a plain bedroom to a stylish bedroom decor. Different bedroom decor designs are available for home owners like vintage decor, modern decor and luxurious decor. It is upon you, how you want your bedroom decor to look. In modern designs, neutral tones are used such as grey, brown or white for a simple yet sophisticated outlook. Benefits of having modern decor are with materials. Materials used are both expensive and inexpensive that can be adjusted according to your bedroom decor budget.

Luxurious bedroom decor is perfectly suitable for home owners with huge budget. It is appealing in looks and increases the charm of your bedroom. Glossy paints, mirror surfaced walls or the pearl effects are the secrets to luxurious bedroom decor. Whether having Victorian design carved in your bedroom or a more of retro look, all sums up to a perfect vintage bedroom decor. Adding a dash of vintage gaze in your bedroom provides you with the beauty of 90’s. Choosing a bedroom decor idea for styling your bedroom can transform it totally into your favourite space at your home. Learning about the most popular design or idea to help you pick up the one that looks attractive to you is your job. Get inspired with dozens of beautiful and stylish bedroom decor ideas stated below.

Bedroom decor ideas 2016

  • Bedroom decor in black and white

Black and white themed bedroom decor
Black and white theme with stylish chandelier

Among the classic combinations of colors, black and white is such a blend of colors, can provide a beautiful and elegant look to your bedroom. Black color is often underused in any of the bedroom decor ideas but it will add a depth to your room if you opt for.

Contracts of black and white combines a perfect view such as black detailed patterns on bed with gleaming white rugs installed look way more elegant. Adding to the effects, black chandelier and twin night stand lights having black shades and texture fits best in the list of bedroom decor ideas 2016.

Black color looks more enhanced when royal colors are added to the charm. Use silver or golden colors in designing patterns on the walls for providing accent texture to black and white. Even golden colored wallpaper or slip covers works prominently in the contrast of black and white bedroom decor ideas. Strong atmosphere can be created with the help of having stylish recessed ceiling lights with heavy and embroidered drapes for windows.

Make a move of having bold and beautiful bedroom decor design by installing black and white theme in your bedroom.

  • Creamy Sophistication – bedroom decor design

Creamy colored bedroom decor
Creamy colores walls with small recessed lights

If strong and bold colors do not make your bedroom feel appealing, keep an eye on neutral colors for simply adding sophistication at its core for your bedroom decor option. Cream and brown colors are well defined for a simple look. Concept of matching may look more enhancing like a quilted bedspread will work great with similar furniture and flooring.

Do not forget to add an elegant crystal chandelier that looks perfect with the piece of bedroom decor design you have opted for. Mirror with the boundaries designed with gold and silver dedicates a queenly disguise to your bedroom.

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Keep a note on selecting your drapes for windows and headboard above the bed. Stylish yet simple in looks is best for bedroom decor idea with simplicity. You can also go for removing the carpet or rug installed, it will help you in cleaning and maintaining the bedroom in a mannered way.


  • White and light together – bedroom decor design

White and light combination for bedroom decor
Bedroom decor idea – White and light

Among the interesting ideas of bedroom decor, one is the combination of white and light altogether. Have it with the help of multiple windows on various walls. High ceiling and windows work relative in nature for having the effects of proper quantity of brightness in your bedroom.

Painting the walls with white color and headboard of light color will lead you in having the beautiful effect of the bedroom decor idea. Make a use of antique mirror that adds even more brightness and energy to the bedroom.

Having secondary ideas for bedroom will enhance the look in more appealing manner. Try out using earthen colors such as chocolate and brown. Install sitting couch of brown color and adding the carpet and rugs of chocolate color makes it more relevant to the decor.

Add glamour to your ceiling by adding small recessed lights for overall vertical view of satisfying the space in your bedroom. Fix the lights at certain intervals for improving the accent in night. Add a little more glamour by having crystal chandelier for lighting up the bedroom; also go for using mirrors for providing more lighted effects in your bedroom decor idea 2016.


  • Royal Blue – bedroom decor design

Royal Blue color used for bedroom decor
Rich Royal Blue colored theme for bedroom

It is been proven that blue color helps us to get calmed and relaxed. Start by applying dark blue color paint on your walls and the rest of decor should be complementary to the contrasting color. Install white bed that matches perfectly with the blue color of walls. Check out having white and blue mixed stripped rugs for your bedroom for making it more appealing to the decor.

It can also be considered being among the cheap bedroom decor ideas that is easily applied to your bedroom. Combination of floral print is also acceptable. Mark up the bed sheet with white and blue floral prints for having an enchanting appearance of your bedroom decor.

Shades and texture plays a vital role for enhancing the effects of your bedroom. Having a shaded wall of blue trends increases the decor idea broadly. Enjoy a deep and beautiful sleep every night with the help of having coral wall sconces in form of night lamps and designer pillows stating blue themed bedroom for you.


  • Natural theme – bedroom decor design

Natural theme - bed made of unfinished woods
constructed Natural theme bedroom structure

Want to craft your bed with non-conventional resources? Natural bed is the best option to have in the list of bedroom decor ideas. Add a natural bed design by using unfinished wood in its construction. It will appeal an earthy look with delightful effects. Try to make your bedroom look more rusty than sophisticated.

Whitewash your walls and the ceiling, for making the bedroom look rustic in appearance yet modern at the same time. Using earthy furniture and other small things to decor your bedroom will supply you with fascinating natural effects that have actually thought of.

Natural plants and huge lampshade made up of twigs and sticks shows a rustic themed decor for your bedroom. This bedroom decor idea makes the excellent use of non-conventional resources that are eco-friendly to the nature. They are ecologically safe to the environment including the modernity to the trending bedroom decor ideas 2016.

Make a smart use of modern wooden flooring and ingrown plants that will make you feel always close to nature.


  • Girly Pink – bedroom decor design

Constructed Girly Pink model of bedroom
Girly Pink bed and walls in bedroom

Want to have a girl’s room decor? Girly pink bedroom decor is often observed. Many different shades of colors – pink, its cousins mauve, chartreuse, plum and rose melody are commonly used for having pink decorated bedroom.

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Taking from the furniture, bed, walls to the chandelier, pink is the only base background to be used. Darker wall color suits perfectly with light colored bed sheets and pillows. Patterning pillow is a right way of having a designer pink bed.

Adding some enhancing texture to pink can be attained with the help of gold texturing. Paint the bed’s sides and grills with gold color and wait for having a charmed look of your bedroom. White works as an accent color for pink.

Have some furniture with black colored texture for allowing the eyes to remain focused on the primary colors installed in your bedroom. Elegant the look of your bedroom by adding shimmer pink colored carpet or rug on to the small area available below your bed. This makes the bedroom more comfortable and rich in its existence.


  • Bedroom with artwork – bedroom decor design

Natural Artwork design for bedroom
Flowery Artwork decor for bedroom

If you bedroom doesn’t supply with a million dollar view, then there is nothing to worry about. With the help of bedroom artwork, your desired view can be stored in your bedroom. You are only few steps away of having a beautiful yet scenic view in your bedroom.

Idea of creative wallpaper can make it seem like your artwork. Start from designing your bedroom with multiple layers of scenes like jungle or forest art, fairy tale art or geometrical art. Completely transform your bedroom to an adventurous theme of forest, glitter up your bedroom by adding fairy tale theme or fond of having geometrical lines then just go for it.

Keep the furniture and other elements of bedroom simple. Use Hardwood flooring option for your floors and simple designed night lamp and carpet or rugs for having the dramatic effect of your wall artwork.

Small accent lights work best for enhancing the view at night. Mount the lights in such a way that shows your artwork to its best appeal. Proper using of lights will depict the work of art designed in your bedroom.


  • Striped – bedroom decor design

Striped style bedroom decor
Blue Striped bedroom idea

One of the unique bedroom decor designs is to break those sharp designs in to sterile lines with sharp edges for having an elegant look of modern striped bedroom idea. Have a wall patterned with striped mirrors. Use mirrors in such a way by using wooden stripes with mirrors installed for depicting the look decided. This decor shows your simplicity of personality without sacrificing the concept of modern designs and decor.

Try adding warm colors to your bedroom model. Cream and chocolate is perfectly suitable for increasing the depth of your room. Don’t forget to allow natural light for accenting its simplicity.

Install carpet and rugs designed in stripes with different combination of colors and textures. Matching concept of carpet with bedroom color will help you in maximizing the space of your bedroom. Setting up a table and two chairs near by the window is a perfect spot of enjoying the morning with leisure of a cup of coffee or tea.

Even the colors of table and chairs should be matching up with the bedroom decor for having a picture perfect bedroom decor idea for your home.

  • Vintage look – bedroom decor design

Beautiful Vintage look of bedroom
Vintage look of bed and charming chandelier

Having a small bedroom and want something unique for it? Opting for small bedroom decor idea is beneficial for home owners. Small space in bedroom often feels claustrophobic. By heading towards incorporating vintage look for your bedroom is a unique decor style with different appealing effects.

Vintage wallpaper can be used for walls that effect to exactly a royal look and adding luxurious supplements of bedroom like bed sheets, blankets and curtains will transform your space into showing your personality. Make use of plenty of white colors for ceiling, and closets for making your room spacious.

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Similar to vintage look, add an old wooden trunk in your bedroom as furniture for storing your requirement. Little touch of antique night stand and chandelier adds more charm to your room. Mounting a huge mirror on top of your ceiling is the exact portrait of vintage phase that you can have in your bedroom.

Customize the mirror by your artwork for having the best look that you defined. With the help of mirrors, it affects with more spacious bedroom.


  • Gray theme – bedroom decor design

Gray colored bedroom decor
Gray color walls and bed sheets

Among the best ways, selecting color theme is the first step of decorating your bedroom.  Gray color adds poise and modern elegance to the bedroom interior design that you opted for. While the use of white lights and the glamour of glasses doesn’t allows it to become somber.

Design all the elements of bedroom of gray color such as sitting couch, bed sheets, furniture contrasting to gray and even the night lamps. Don’t forget to install crystal chandelier on the top surface of ceiling for enhancing the look of your bedroom.

Do not sacrifice the elegance of your room by installing excess of furniture; let it be sober yet stylish. Try out using brushed gold elements in headboard of bed or night lamps for showing a contrasting compliment on the room decor idea.

Gray is stated to be a stylish color to integrate a neutral shade into interior decor. Even two shades of gray – the darker one and the light one, can be used as a style statement for supplying a varying depth to the room.


  • Pastel – bedroom decor design 

Green Pastel colored bedroom decor
Pastel colored view of bedroom

You might be thinking that pastels only works best for spring, but soft shades of pastels are actually great for making a stylish bedroom decor. Different shades of pastels – lemon, muted tones of mint, and matt green are some of its examples best suitable for bedroom walls. Well, a pastel color theme can range from cute to sophisticated and elegant to quirky look.

Having a white bed will enhance the glow of your bedroom because it will get mix into the pastels used. Use less of bright colors for carpets and curtains to induce the trendy look of pastels used in your bedroom.

Have the bed sheets of light mint color that blends up with the color of your bed. White curtains works prominently to enhance the effects of using pastels for your bedroom. Mostly green is the most favoured color used in the process of having pastel bedroom decor theme.


  • Mirror theme – bedroom decor design

Mirror installed in bedroom for spacious view
Installatio of huge Mirror in bedroom

Mirrors add double vision impact, light and bring energy to the room. Ways to incorporate mirrors for having an appealing effect for your bedroom is stated ahead. Install mirrors that are huge in sizes. Spacious rooms are available by installing huge mirrors.

Lean a huge mirror against a bedroom wall and rest is the work of reflection that you notice. With the help of refection the entire room will feel larger and huge. Want to make the most of natural light? You can have it by placing a mirror just opposite a window in the bedroom and have it lighted. This will also help you in saving energy by the use of natural light as the source of work.

Mirrors are also use for multiple times. Customizing your vanity table and mounting on mirrors will simply add unique features of using the mirrors for many times.


Having serene atmosphere with retreating effects in bedroom is our motive of presenting useful bedroom decor ideas 2016. The above stated designs and bedroom decor ideas leads to entire elegance, sophistication with simplicity, and serene beauty that you are in need for your bedroom. Relaxing with different shades of colors and feeling utmost by entering your bedroom is the ultimate thing to end up your day.


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